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As a horse owner you will have a support team of professionals to keep your horse in optimum health and condition. As a minimum these will include a farrier/trimmer, dentist and vet. It might also include a chiropractor or physiotherapist (or other complementary musculoskeletal manipulator), saddle-fitter, trainer and/or riding instructor.

You rely on your support team to guide you on your horse’s health and performance, so why leave your horse’s nutrition to chance?

Your horse is what you feed it!

Nutrition is an important and essential part of equine health and research is strengthening the association between poor nutrition, poor performance and numerous disorders. A recent survey of elite event riders identified the top 5 nutrition-associated problems to be gastric ulcers, joint problems, decreased appetite, weight loss and hyperexcitability. It was concluded by the authors that “feed management changes to reduce the incidence of these problems is needed to ensure optimal health and performance” (Leahy et al., 2010, Equine Vet Journal).

Horses' digestive tracts are sensitive and complex. An understanding of the various feed types (eg. grains, high energy fibres, forages) and how they are digested is crucial to achieving optimal health and performance, and preventing digestive disorders (eg. colic). It is also not enough to be providing your horse with “sufficient” amounts of minerals as the balance of the major and trace minerals is essential to prevent secondary deficiencies.

Richardson Equine Nutrition Solutions can take the confusion out of feeding your horse. As a qualified equine nutrition consultant it is my job to understand the intricacies of feeding horses. By personally evaluating and customizing a balanced feed plan specifically for your horse it will be meeting its nutritional needs for optimal health, whatever its level of work or performance.

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